Phidia Kang
      based in Seoul&Indianapolis

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Day Dreamer Series
Pointe d'Saint Florian (2024)
Plaster, Oak and Douglas Fir, Wire, and Polyurethan
Dimension Variable
meta-dramaturg: Michael Lim(임근준)

6. Donna's Head (2024)
Plaster, Oak and Douglas Fir, and Wire
Dimension Variable

5. Shelved Bouquet (2023), Douglas Fir, Oak, Plywood, Glue, and Pigments, 56"x 43"x 51"

4. Low Steady Nap (2023), Douglas Fir, Plywood, Oak, Mesh Wire, and Glue, 15"x 16"x 22"

3. Flat Footed (2022), Douglas Fir, Plywood, Clay, Mesh Wire and Gap Filler, 20"x 30"x 44"

2. Things Will Turn Around (2022), Installation Iteration, Dimension Variable

1. Folding Lungs (2022), Douglas Fir, Plywood, and Glue, 48"x 48"x 9"