Phidia Kang
      based in Seoul&Indianapolis

archives       2022-24 Index bio+cv

Phidia Kang(Kahng)is a sculptor who grew up in rural Korea and the Southern United States. Coming from diasporic communities, Kang is interested in tension inherent in selfhood; in the ways we negotiate and structure trust, belief, and boundaries. Primarily working with wood fibers and casting methods, her practice revolves around a material ecosystem built through her repetitive making process, often resulting in appendage-like studio artifacts that explore material translation and sculptural prescence.


2023 MFA in Sculpture Cranbrook Academy of Art (CAA)
2017 BFA in Painting (minor: Ceramics), Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD)

2023, Ground Bloom, Seedspace Gallery, Yeouido, KOREA
2018, Hey there, Eyedrum Art and Music Gallery, Atlanta, GA, USA
2018, Sin Eater with Tiffany Danielle Elliott, 1301 Broadway Performing Space, Detroit, MI, USA

2024, Faculty Show, Butler University, Indianapolis, IN, USA
2023, NEW BODIES/NO BODIES, Montgomery College (Kingstreet Art Gallery), Silverspring, MD, USA
2023, Form, Czong Institute of Contemporary Art Museum, Gimpo, KOREA
2023, Beyond Borders, The Scholart Selection, San Gabriel, CA, USA
2023, Convergence, Centric Place, Farmington Hills, MI, USA
2023, Graduate Degree Exhibition, Cranbrook Art Museum, Bloomfield Hills, MI, USA
2023, Confluence, Forum Gallery, Bloomfield Hills, MI, USA
2022, Cranbrook Academy of Art Student Showcase, Goldner Walsh Garden and Home, Pontiac, MI, USA
2021, The Woolf-Day Collective: A Day of One’s Own, Project by Nycole Prowse, Alicia Sharples, Julia Townsend, and Tiffany Danielle Elliott, Queensland, AUSTRALIA
2019, Performance//Proxy, RFcuratorial (10225 Joseph Campau), Hamtramck, Detroit, MI, USA
2019, Object Performance, Forum Gallery (PAI), Detroit, MI, USA
2019, GIFC, Nevven Gallery, Göteborg, SWEDEN
2018, What, Forum Gallery, Bloomfield Hills, MI, USA
2018, Acceleration, PAI Performing Space (1301 Broadway), Detroit, MI, USA
2018, GIFC, The Museum of Contemporary Art of Georgia MOCA, Atlanta, GA, USA
2018, Perspective of Art, 200 Benett St Yoga Studio, Atlanta, GA, USA
2017, Embrace the Future Art Auction and Gala, Mason Fine Art Gallery, Atlanta, GA, USA
2017, Clouded, Mason Fine Art Gallery, Atlanta, GA, USA
2017, Psychoe, Mammal Gallery, Atlanta, GA, USA
2016, An Affair of the Art, ArtsNow and Jerusalem House Art Auction+Gala, Atlanta Decorative Art Center, Atlanta, GA, USA
2016, Pink, Sycamore Gallery, Decatur, GA, USA
2016, Open Studio Exhibition, SCAD, Atlanta, GA, USA
2016, FOG (Friend of Gene), Thomas Dean Gallery, Atlanta, GA, USA
2015, Open Studio Exhibition, SCAD, Atlanta, GA, USA
2015, Project Liminal Performance piece “Touch”, Indigo Sky Community Gallery, Savannah, GA, USA
2015, Out of the Fire, Sulfur Studios, Savannah, GA, USA

2022-23, Cranbrook Academy of Art Scholarship
2013-17, SCAD Scholars On Campus Scholarship
2013-17, SCAD Academic Honors Scholars On Campus and Academic Honors Scholarship
2013-17, SCAD Student Incentive Scholarship, Achievement Scholarship On Campus, and Achievement Honor Scholarship
2013-17, International Student Scholarship, Korean Airforce Base, South Korea
2016, Gene Alcott Scholar Award and Additional Financial Merits
2015, Winner in Out of Fire Exhibition
2010, National Gifted Art Program Certification, Seoul, South Korea

(2024 March), Artist Talk, 'New Bodies/ No Bodies: Media Play', Silver Spring, MD, USA
(2023 April), Seminar, 'Poetry as Anti-MetaMateriality', CAA, Bloomfield Hills, MI, USA
(2023 April), Artist Presentation 'Off Kilter' by Michael Lim, CAA, Bloomfield Hills, MI, USA
(2016 June-September), Lecture Seminar, Art and Politics, K2 Airforce Base Programs, Daegu, South Korea

(2023 May) Curating Group Exhibition 'Mold Making', Forum Gallery, Bloomfield Hills, MI, USA
(2017 June-Aug) Curatorial Internship at Mason Fine Art Gallery, Atlanta, GA, USA
(2017 June-Aug) Curating Group Exhibition 'Clouded: Korean Diaspora' Collaborated with Georgia Art Fair, Mason Fine Art Gallery, Atlanta, GA
(2017 July) Curating Group Exhibition 'Psychoe: Colors of Fluidity and Orientations', Mammal Gallery, Atlanta, GA
(2017 May-July) Curatorial Internship at MINT Contemporary Art Gallery, Atlanta, GA, USA
(2016 Oct-Sep) Oil Painting Instructor, SCAD Rising Star Mentorship, GA, USA

2023, Bridge Art Foundation, "Beyond Flux and Duality, The Lifecycle of Art Materials", digital
2016, Portcity Review, "Selected Works 2017", digital
2015, Sara Terrell, “Showcase of Ceramics”, District Savannah, digital
2015, Kayla Goggin, “Savannah Top 10 Exhibitions”, Savannah Art Informer, digital
2014, SCAD International Council Committee, "Far From Home", pp 44-47, print

[Upcoming] CICA Museum, Gimpo, South Korea

Savannah College of Art and Design, Atlanta, GA, USA